Wednesday, December 17, 2008


"SWOON" (Ignore the beezy on his back)

HAHA okay, so my blog is called "JeeitsIna in Argentina"....

and I'm obviously NOT in Argentina anymore so I wasn't going to update but I couldn't resist. I've become a Twilight groupie and as much as I say I'm ashamed, I'm really not! I've spent in total around $80 on these stupid stupid books written by a poorly educated writer who sucks us all in as if she's a vampire herself. But seriously, I love Edward, I love Jacob. The agony that I feel when I read about the two of them... and then the anger I feel at Bella's STUPIDITY AND RETARDEDNESSSSSSSSSSS. it's awesome. it passes the time by EXQUISITELY.

Can't wait for Colorado, it's been way too longgg. Can't wait to go back to Argentina EITHER. ah!! Seriously cannot wait. As soon as I get back = PERU! EEK EEPS OOH!

The weather is sooooo gloomy and windy and ugly and rainy. Actually, it's my favorite! haha

Okay so there's a couple of mechanics here trying to fix our heater cuz it's apparently blowing out cold air and they're talking to me in Spanish. HAHAHAHA im so embarrassed. oh myyyy. story of my life. I go to Argentina for two months and I can't even talk to a couple of mechanics. There's something wrong with me!

It's 4 pm and all I've done is read. Time to get some exerciseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... not <3

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Naive Realism

Being home makes it feel like I never even left. I don't know, it's a weird empty feeling. I hope it doesn't feel like this at the end of the year when I come home. It's hard because in this situation the right thing to do seems to be such a gray area. I feel like coming home was a good thing for me to do, but then again, i'm not sure i'll still feel that way after more time. WHO KNOWS! I know that I'm much more at ease now that I'm home and I got to go to all of their funerals and see for myself the situation and be with the people that I need. =\ The world moves on but nothing remains the same...

Sometimes, there are more important things than school...

But then again, I'm missing two weeks of 2nd quarter and I don't even know what's going on with my finals HAHA eff me. I'm pretty screwed and studying is STILL not something I want to do. Argentina really screwed me up with my study habits. =\ i'm gonna be the only one who fails in Argentina. How embarrassing!! Looking at the pictures of Argentina from everyone there makes me not wanna go back. I'm so sick of that campus already!! But I miss the people (so much!), and i HAVE to go back so.... yeeeea..

I've been in Anaheim and San Diego with my girlsies and it was so fun. =) spent wayyy to much money on food and random crap but it was all worth it. The San Diego Zoo was KIND of disappointing because it really wasn't as big as i thought or expected it to be! I think it might've been a weird time to go to the zoo, because they were CLEARLY missing some animals!! such as SEA OTTERS THE CUTEST BEST ANIMALS IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!! I was angry.

Why am I even writing in this blog? I should be freaking studying instead. hahahaha i'm the worst student ever. I watched One Missed Call and that was the most retarded movie ever. why is it SO rare to find a good scary movie? It gets so dark so early now, it makes me feel so tired.. especially since im kind of jet lagged. I swear I feel like that one black guy from Sydney White who's been jet-lagged for like 10 years. hahaha! i get sleepy so early and i wake up so early. its pretty lame, being on break and all.

I still miss BCSL.

* I will never forget you guys... I promise. That's the least I can do for you. you guys are what keeps me and will continue to keep me grounded and remind me what and who really are the important things in life... I'll see each of you really soon and know that I will miss you everyday till I do.*


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Life is anything but...

At the airport really early.... 5:15 pm but my flight isn't untill 11:15 pm. The things I have got to do for these boys, sigh =) JK boys!

The taxi driver tried to rip me off, soooo hardcore. I got scayud... =\

I wish I could just be home already... but I still have such a long trip ahead of me... 5 + 17 + 1.5 = 23.5 more hours.

so many creeps around me... help... there's a couple doing major PDA and I think the lady sitting next to them is the mom of one of them. It's freaking awkward..

Take me home ... I want to go home.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Feliz Sabado!

I freaking have a cut on my lip right in the center of my bottom one because it was so dry that I split the skin. It hurts so bad I want to punch someone. haha... anyways, time to play catch up with my lifeeeee!

I joined the Choir here (haha) ACA, that's what the Americans are always just referred as because that's the program we came with, all the locals just call us ACA. Anyways, ACA started a choir and we had our first practice this week and it was so fun! I've never been in a choir, like a real one, so it was such a cool experience to see all of us come together and sound so good!! Hahah, even though my friends were making fun of me cuz I kept singing the wrong notes... sigh... whatever i can't be perfect ALL the time... just most ;)

So this afternoon me and a friend decided to go to with this mission group to a city called Diamante. We had heard that they do children visitations there so we went at 2:30 to meet everyone and I am SOO happy we decided to go. Diamante is a pretty big city next to the city that my school is in and there was a bus that took about 20-25 of us to the most run-down and pretty poor part of the whole city and do different types of visitations. I got paired into the group where they go to the kids' cafeteria (which was TINY TINY TINNYYYYY) and while we're walking up to the comedor (cafeteria) the kids just start coming out from their houses and greet us and this gave us hand picked flowers and are just so freaking happy to see us there. it was soo sweet, the kids weren't even shy, they were so welcoming even though I was new. They were coming up to me trying to hold my hand hahahaha. i don't even know if theyve ever even seen an asian person before. So we all went into the come and sang songs and they colored and played games and I was just talking to them and it was just such a really really good experience once again. We all know what kids can do to a person... I'm so lucky to be here... :)

The kids would ask me like, "what is ___ in English??" and then I would say it and they'd just all start cracking up. I'd be like ............... hahaha! they thought my English accent was so funny. it was so embarrassing. They thought my mom's name "Eunice" was so hilarious. I was like the eff!!!! hahaha. And this one kid kicked a ball and it hit my head SOO hard. HAHA!!!!! I got so pissed HAHAHAHA and everyone was like ina... youre so retarded shutup. but stupid punk kid! no but the kids were seriously so cuteeeee... even though half the things they said I didn't really understand and they were probably making fun of me the whole time and I had no idea... but WHATEVER! screw Spanish!!!

I met a cute Argentinian boy today. KEKE!!!! I'm gonna work it. Wish me luck. (jk)

I cannot believe it's mid-November already. i have a huge SORE ass pimple on the middle of my chin right now.. and im pushing it as I write this blog. HAHAH what a sexy image.

I really like staying at the school on weekends because it's a really good way to meet locals and practice my Spanish. People here are just so friendly and nice and are so willing and patient when it comes to like me trying to communicate with them. I wish I had crazy stories to write about but i dont i feel so lame! hahaha.

It's so interesting to discover who I actually miss from the states. I really think that that has helped me discover who my TRUE friends are. The people that I truly miss and I actually want to call and whose name occasionally pops up in my journal. Those are the people that I know are real and I will keep as friends for a longgg time. =) that makes me feel happy because true friends are hard to pick out or even realize who they are. and that is how i will end my sappy entry #28397324. HAHA!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Dancing With the Stars

hahahaa. not quiteeeeee at that level yet.. BUT!! I went to my first tango class last night! hahaha, so there are very specific times here in Argentina when I really wish that everyone that I knew could be with me to experience it together... and last night definitely was one of them. Even picturing me doing the Tango makes me laugh out loud. It was sooo funny but at the same time it was so much fun! Some of the boys were (a lott) better than the girls. I felt so awkward but dancing seriously makes you feel so good and its a fun way to get your jitters out. Me and Leanna, of course, were the two girls who didn't have partners HAHA! mothereff... but I got one of courseeee. =) It helped a lot because my dance partner, actually I had two, they both had taken classes before so they were super pro already... they made it a lot easier to learn.. We learned up to six dance variations all in one night, and the new ppl, which included myself, caught on pretty quick! Cuz there was another group who went last thursday night and learned three before us. Yeah so pretty much i'm the shit at dancing is my whole point here.

Latin dancing+Tango = CAN'T TOUCH THISS!!!

Latin dancing is so fun too.. its like salsa and mambo and dirty dirty dance moves all in one. WHOO!!! just the way i like it. haha not... i look like a fooligan but... I STILL DANCE LIKE NO ONE IS WATCHING! ;)

The weather today was such a great break from the exhausting heat we have here. It's approaching summertime for those of you who don't know and seriously, it gets SO damn hot ! But like the heat is so extreme that at night, it's really common for the weather patterns to change and so we'll get like crazy rainstorms at the end of the day. I like that a lotttt but the thunder here is so EXTREME!! it's so freaking LOUD i've never heard anything like it. It's pretty freaky... and thats where I usually hear a knock on my door and it's Leanna being a baby wanting to come sleep with me. hahahah <3 We set up the top bunk because she sleeps here so much but she doesn't even use it.. we still just sleep together in my bed HAHAHAH. we are such lesbians it's great. (Ja girls don't get jealous! you guys are still my lovers)

Charlotte Sometimes- How I Could Kill A Man... my song of the moment. xoxo...ij

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Progression and Inspiration...

Wow... what a day.... I don't even know where to start. Argentina is really changing me and testing a lot of the kind of person that I am. I'm learning so much of who I am and what I'm really capable of. Here, I feel like I really have time for myself and have a lot of room to grow as a person. For the past two years I felt like I've been bogged down with a boyfriend and a lot of my life was consumed by my relationship with my boyfriend, and for a while I was always thinking for two people... and although those were some of my most favorite times and I miss a lot of things about it, I feel so refreshed right now. It feels good to know that I made this decision all on my own and came here only knowing one person, kinda like starting my life out again, anew. To see how much i've accomplished while being here, making brand new friends, speaking a foreign language, living with all the inconveniences I encounter almost everyday, it teaches me so much about life and what is out there besides this little bubble that we all live in... called California... or even the US... All the hardships and raw emotions I endure here in Argentina, all the homesickness, are all these tiny blessings in disguise that just prove to me SO much that I need to stop being so ignorant. Ignorance is a characteristic I've always HATED in people, but being an outsider trying to fit in, i really realized that I needed to start with myself, and educate myself and stop being so damn ignorant and such the typical American and really START LIVING! I'm 19 years old, young to many mannyyy people, but to me, I feel foolish for taking this long to realize how little I have and how ugly of a person I am on the inside. All of us back at home are so concerned about OUR well-being, OUR careers, OUR grades, OUR cars, OUR own success, having the wrong idea of fun, wasting so much of everything... but there is so much more to life than just making yourself happy and being so stuck on the idea of creating OUR perfect life when there are soooooooooooo many people out there who are so clueless and have so little compared to us. I don't know it just really makes me sick to think that I've been sitting on my ass most of my life watching it go by like it was nothing when I could've been doing something so much more productive... being here, I know that I know nothing...

Okay, why all of this prophetic life lessons and bitterness... coming to Argentina, experiencing this brand-new culture, meeting people from all over the world both in South America and even the students here studying with me, it's made me feel like such a boring person. Here, I get so many different and diverse types of perspectives of how life is and the way the world works. It really just shuts me up and makes me want to listen to all these people, experiencing life in a totally different way than I could ever imagine. There are kids who are literally scrapping up anyting they can to try and get an education for themselves, and here I am holding an ID card who gets me an unlimited amount of food, never having to worry about running out of money. Traveling has made me realize that i've merely been scratching at the surface of life and what God wants me to do with it. I know so many people who would never even think of leaving the country to help others. Before I came here, there were SOOOOO many people who'd say, "Oh I wish I could do what you're doing but I can't because there just is no time for me!" ... honestly, that is one of the worst excuses anyone could come up with. Time is the only thing we're given and EVERYONE has time to do something like this... everyone. It just makes me sad to know that there are so many people like that back home, especially now because I know what leaving the country can do to people.

So here I am, 12:29 am on Sunday morning, letting everyone know that within the next three years, during one of those years I'm going to pack up my things again and go out as a student missionary. Like it's decided and it's a done deal. Not literally but I promised myself that I am going to do it. Me and my friend Leanna promised each other that we were going to go together. Where should I go? We were thinking China... but maybe Micronesia? We'll go to a place where we're needed.. I'm so excited to find out where that's going to be!! Live by faith. Today, I went to bible study and this girl was giving a testimony on her mission trip to India and it inspired me in so many ways. The faces on these people, the sheer gratefulness and their genuinity made me cry.. literally. I've seen and heard millions of mission trip testimonies, I know yes, we all have... but this one really stood out to me for the first time in my life.... I hope no one reads this and gets turned off or think that I'm being one of those stereotypical "girl gone good" type of things. because i'm not saying that i'm this holy girl ready to give her life up for God. That's really not what I'm saying at all... but all judgements aside, I just really wanted to write about the fact that I am so happy that i am here because i've been learning so much. I feel like the resources and abundance of technology and material things we all have sometimes desensitize us to the things outside of that lifestyle. Stuff like that just distract us and take our attention away from everything outside of the life of luxury, and I am the prime example of that. Im always constantly complaining about our SHITTY internet, lack of entertainment media, and everything and anything else I could think of, instead of ejecting myself out of that mentality and committing myself to trying to learn the culture of Argentina. I didn't even take the time out to get to know my roommate and made all these crazy assumptions about her, but I finally let my guard down and got myself to talk to her more and develop some kind of relationship with her... and now, i absolutely love her. That is just a small example of all the realizations that I am making here... and it hasn't even been two months. That is just amazing...

There are students who come here, like me, for a year... and then return to go to regular school here... that means 7 years here in Argentina... when I first came here I would be completely repulsed by that idea... but now... I completely understand why they choose do to that... and sometimes, I wish I were as brave as them... maybe 8 months will make that happen <3

I went to nursing home visitation today and spent time with old Argentino folks. We didn't get to conversate with them as much as I was hoping.. but I did get to pray in Spanish!!!!.......................-_-......... hahahah im pretty sure they were all judging me and calling me "chino" the whole time, but it was good that I did that. It made me feel good after. Last week, I went to hospital visitation where there's a lot of sick old people. There was this one grandpa that was so cuteeee and when we first walked in, he was so excited and just wanted to talk to us all and we were all just nodding our heads politely because we couldn't really understand him... but while we were reading a bible verse, he started to choke up and eventually started crying. Even though there was a big language barrier between the old man and I, there was absolutely no miscommunication between us when he started to cry. I felt his every emotion through his reaction than words could ever do to make me understand him. I love experiences like that, it really uplifts me and grounds my two feet back into the ground. I'm so sorry everyone, I haven't sounded this GAY in so long. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I feel bashful, cuz for those of you who know me, I NEVER write stuff like this... like this is a very rare moment for me... but I just feel really passionate about this and I had to get it off my chest. Don't judge me and I won't make this a regular thing at all... but I hope that at least one person really sees this entry as genuine and real. If not... that kind of like... sucks... HAHA!!!


Thursday, November 6, 2008

I <3 Perez

That's me (in case you didnt know haha!) I'm sitting at an Internet Cafe drinking the BEST JUICE EVER CREATED ON THIS PLANET and I am soo happy because I have NORMAL internet with no blocking anything!! The school where I stay blocks youtube, Perezhilton (everyone who knows me enough know that Perez is my drug!!!!) and pretty much every single site that is remotely entertaining. I can't even watch any shows this year. Mother eff I know I'm missing out on GG, Office, Heroes, Desperate Housewives... the list seems unending...

but at least I have humidity to be grateful for!!!!!! NOT!!!!!!!!!! ITS ASSHOLE-ISH PISS ME OFF SWEAT IN MY BED AND WAKE UP MOIST HOT HERE!!!!!!! AND ITS NOT EVEN SUMMER YET!!!!!!!! (that's what she said) No but really, it's flippin hot. I should start writing this in Spanish... but... yeeeea.... that wouldn't make sense to anyone reading...

So my plans for winter break are becoming finalized and i'm getting more and more excited! So far our plans are to go to Santiago, Chile by bus because it takes you through the Andes Mountains and it's supposed to be verryy scenic and stay there for about four days, then we're going to head back to Buenos Aires and catch a boat ride up to Uruguay which takes about three hours and go to a city called Punte del Este. This is the city that all the celebrities hit up and it has one of the most beautiful beaches in el mundo! You know that beach with the hand coming out of the sand? Well yeah it's there, i'll probably end up taking pictures there haha. So we want to stay there around five days, then come back down to Buenos Aires where we'll spend New Years. That will be soo interesting. I'll be in the new year before all of you guys... i'll let you know how it is in the year 2009 when I get there. tehe!

I feel like the year is already going by really fast.. I think it may be because I'm planning so much for my time here ahead of time so it feels a lot shorter. Like all my trips in South America are pre-planned. Like I already know I'm going to Buenos Aires at the end of this month... then it's my birthday (ee!!) then my winter break trip... then Peru in January, Brazil in April, come home May. It sounds all so fast!

They don't sell any fruity candy here. It's all chocolate, so i've reallllyyyyy been craving Skittles hahaha! My friend and I are calculating how much money we've spent and its so baaaad because we always think in dollars to pesos... and its a 3 to 1 ration so we'll be like OooOooo its only this much dollars and just buy it.. .but it really adds upp.. im gonna be soo poor when I get home ... OH WELL. we all decided that experience > money. HAHA

The smell of coffee reminds me of home... cuz it's really rare here.. they don't drink a lot of coffee at all.. There is ONE Starbucks here and it's in Buenos Aires. sighh.... home.....

Fly Me to the Moon- Nat King Cole. MmMmmm soothing....