Wednesday, December 17, 2008


"SWOON" (Ignore the beezy on his back)

HAHA okay, so my blog is called "JeeitsIna in Argentina"....

and I'm obviously NOT in Argentina anymore so I wasn't going to update but I couldn't resist. I've become a Twilight groupie and as much as I say I'm ashamed, I'm really not! I've spent in total around $80 on these stupid stupid books written by a poorly educated writer who sucks us all in as if she's a vampire herself. But seriously, I love Edward, I love Jacob. The agony that I feel when I read about the two of them... and then the anger I feel at Bella's STUPIDITY AND RETARDEDNESSSSSSSSSSS. it's awesome. it passes the time by EXQUISITELY.

Can't wait for Colorado, it's been way too longgg. Can't wait to go back to Argentina EITHER. ah!! Seriously cannot wait. As soon as I get back = PERU! EEK EEPS OOH!

The weather is sooooo gloomy and windy and ugly and rainy. Actually, it's my favorite! haha

Okay so there's a couple of mechanics here trying to fix our heater cuz it's apparently blowing out cold air and they're talking to me in Spanish. HAHAHAHA im so embarrassed. oh myyyy. story of my life. I go to Argentina for two months and I can't even talk to a couple of mechanics. There's something wrong with me!

It's 4 pm and all I've done is read. Time to get some exerciseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... not <3


Ernest said...

twilight = ina = gay
cannot believe you're on that boat.

natalie said...

i want to start reading the books but im scared im gonna get addicted or something. anyways i hate my school. im going to write a blog (that only youre gonna read) about how much i hate my school.

t.marie said...

I Loooove twilight. I can't wait to see the movie. Stupid South America doesn't have it yet :( We're in Bariloche and yesterday I realized I get to see you in a few weeks!!!! EEEp =) Peru will be soo much fun. I miss you EEEEennnnaaa. Felices Fiestas amiga linda!

j said...
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Ernest said...